Learn Easy English pdf book download

Learn Easy English in Gujarati pdf book download

Learn Easy English Book In gujarati language pdf download. in this pdf file you can learn easy english in gujarati language. std 1 to 12 students useful easy english book. also very useful for who learn english from gujarati language. Easy Gujarati to English Book designed by a primary school expert, knowledgeable and child psychology primary teacher Mr Rajeshkumar Patel.

Easy English book pdf:

Easy English book very useful for For children who want to learn good English and themselves. In today's modern age, it is imperative that no child be deprived of a general knowledge of English. generally most of children find it difficult to learn English because Literature that teaches English seems difficult to them. There is often no literature that a child can study at home. This literature has been prepared in an attempt to remove this raw material. In this literature an attempt has been made so that the children can easily get the basic knowledge of English as well as learn it on their own.

If children will get encouragement and help from teachers So the use of this literature will make children interested in learning English. There is such faith and trust..
easy english book

About Easy English Learn Book:

Education is a process, it is a science, learning is an interaction of teaching, Education is the backbone of social upliftment.  The subject of science has found a special place in education in modern times. Then teaching English language is essential for special study of science. Currently students are not able to perform effectively in English subject, this may be due to the lack of effective literature that children can easily understand basic concepts on their own with effective classroom education. Thus students can study the initial concepts of English language on their own, In this regard, researcher Rajeshbhai Patel has prepared this English teaching booklet with the title Easy English.
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The English language in general is complex, difficult - such misconceptions are widespread among the general public, Then students can learn English with the help of smiling, playing and simple examples. This book has been created for the purpose of removing the difficulty of English language in the students. Using this book, children will feel that learning English is not difficult. Special thanks to Rajeshbhai Patel for provide Best Easy English book in Gujarai language.

Easy English: English Grammar book in Gujarati Language:

  • First of all prepare Abcd, Kakko, Barakshari.
  • Read and understand the example given in each unit
  • Make a sentence using the list of words at the end of each unit.
  • Prepare the meaning and spelling of the given words.
  • Learn English words for things like animals, birds, fruits, flowers, vegetables, household items, etc. Try to write sentences about it.
  • Try to read the English sentences given in the book yourself.
  • Start preparing a few spellings every day.
  • Understand one thing.. English is not difficult, just like a lake fills up drop by drop, if you prepare a little bit of English every day, good English will come.

Topics of Easy English Book:

  • This is & That is
  • I am & You are
  • He is & She is
  • It is
  • My & Your
  • His & Her
  • Its
  • This is & These are
  • That is & Those are
  • These are & Those are
  • Have & Has
  • Use of verbs (Simple Present Tense)
  • Use of verbs (Simple Past Tense)
  • Use of verbs (Simple Future Tense)
  • Use of verbs (continues Present Tense)
  • Use of verbs (continues PastTense)
  • With IS question sentences
  • With am & are question sentences
  • With Have & Has question sentences
  • With What question sentences
  • With Do & Does question sentences
  • Picture description
  • Essays 1 to 6
  • Classroom Instructions
  • Gujarati Kakko and Barakshari
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